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We really welcome anyone who wants to get involved with Sheffield Flourish, the local charity which manages the Sheffield Mental Health Guide, and we have lots of volunteering options available.

Our volunteer roles at a glance

Creative content producers

Although anyone can post their story on the site, we’ve also built up a network of volunteer creative content producers. Each month, our editing panel choose a theme and we hold an event where we talk about it. Then we invite our network, and the wider community, to share their stories and comments.

We also want to share all the amazing mental health friendly activities in Sheffield. We know that sometimes the biggest barrier can be getting through the door. For this reason, our creative content producers are visiting as many local activities as they can. We hope this will work a bit like peer support; with reading a positive story about an activity making it easier to take the plunge.

If you’re involved with a mental health friendly activity in Sheffield which you’d like to promote please get in touch.

Digital ambassadors

We know it’s not always easy to use digital tools or the internet. It’s especially hard if you haven’t got someone to show you how. For this reason, we’ve trained up a team of digital ambassadors who visit communities, organisations, groups and wards to help people get online and use the site.

If you’d like one of our ambassadors to visit your group or organisation please get in touch.

Editing panellists

Steering the site’s content and the Flourish monthly themes, our voluntary editing panel meet on a monthly basis to talk shop. The editing panel is made up of people from all different walks of life, with varied ideas and perspectives. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make sure what we are doing is relevant, appropriate, and forward-thinking. The group aren’t afraid to debate and question norms, and we use these meetings to help guide what we do in terms of content, marketing and events.

The editing panel also proof stories which come in from our creative content producers and contributors, forging stronger links and supporting the creation of excellent content.

Drop us a line at for more information and to apply!

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